You can do stuff.

Something I repeat ad nauseam to my friends and wife when they are trying something new. It sounds simple (ok and maybe a tad dumb) but that’s because it’s an over simplification for lots of useful advice that’s been given over the years by people much more eloquent than I am. Maybe a better way to put it is:

Aut inveniam viam aut faciam

“I shall either find a way or make one

Basically, it means that the world around you was built by people no smarter than you, and if they can do it, then damn it so you can you. That’s what I thought when I first started teaching myself Applesoft Basic in 5th grade, web design back in the 90s, and server and network systems later in life. That’s what I said when I went to work at my dream job the first day when I wasn’t sure if I could hack it.

And that’s what I told myself when I picked up a camera.

This page serves as a home for some of my hobbyist works. You can buy a print if you want, or not. That’s ok with me. I just want to share the experiences I’ve had with others and show off what’s been captured with the world (and friends and family). I had bought this domain a few years ago for some personal file hosting and it had been parked not doing anything for a while so I figured I’d put it to use. I won’t claim to be an expert or that anything posted here is technically perfect (or even correct) but I’m ok with that. Enjoy it for what it is and I hope it serves as an inspiration to others in some way.